Bialystocks, is a 2 piece band based in Tokyo, led up by up-coming film director Sora Hokimoto as the vocalist, and Go Kikuchi as the pianist.
In 2019, band was formed for a live performance in the film “Haruneko” which was directed by the vocalist Sora Hokimoto, produced by Shinji Aoyama. Their music was admired for the coexistence of broadness and originality by Hokimoto’s soulful but comfortable singing with Folk based relaxing melody, and Kikuchi’s free composition of music and combination of instruments based on Jazz.

2020年大型フェス(METROCK2020)出演決定。2021年1stAlbum『ビアリストックス』発表。収録曲「I Don't Have a Pen」はNTTドコモが展開する「Quadratic Playground」のWEB CMソングに選出されている。